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Reshaping learning strategies for the new world of work

As we continue to adapt to new ways of working, organisations are focusing on delivering effective and engaging learning experiences for a hybrid workforce. How can we plan and deliver successful learning opportunities in this new environment? 

  • Leveraging technology to create accessible and engaging learning opportunities 
  • Cost-effective and creative solutions for virtual learning  
  • How to promote a culture of coaching and support for a diverse and remote workforce 
Daniel Mottau

Global Director, People Experience, Zip Co

9:35 am

PANEL: Enhancing leadership development in a hybrid work environment

Whether by policy or preference, work from home and hybrid roles have become the new norm. It is critical for all organisations to effectively develop their leaders to lead their teams in this new environment. In this session, we will discuss:  

  • Coaching leaders to lead high-performing hybrid teams   
  • Improving communication through listening, visibility and authenticity   
  • Leveraging collaboration tools for leaders and their teams   
  • How to drive a proactive culture of personal development within leaders 


James Della-Porta

Enterprise Sales Director, Udemy


Dianah Ward

Global Head of Leadership, Learning & Development, Canva

Maree Howard

Head of Organisational Development, Life Without Barriers

Andrew Fox

Global Head of Leadership Development, Mars

Lauren Jepson

Head of Talent, Learning and Capability, Contact Energy

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WORKSHOP: The neuroscience of leadership and performance

In this session, Kristen will summarise evidence-based strategies on using neuroscience to think, regulate, engage, adapt and develop (NeuroTREAD) to get the best out of your brain as well as those you work and interact with.

  • Neuroscience strategies on improving leadership, problem-solving, emotion regulation, and engagement
  • Using neuroplasticity to develop high performance habits
  • How to develop team members through coaching and influence
Kristen Hansen

CEO, EnHansen Performance

10:55 am
11:00 am

Empower your workforce to lead without limits

It has never been more important for learning leaders to understand and develop individual and organizational resilience—the ability to anticipate potential threats; to cope effectively with adverse events when they occur; and to adapt to changing conditions, ensuring a viable path forward for yourself, your team, and your organization. 

We'll learn about how learning leaders must identify the right skills for the right roles, deploy efficient learning programs, engage learners, and report on skill development in a way that can justify ROI, secure learning spend—preparing the organization for volatility, uncertainty, and sustained adaptation.

Rich Jacquet

Chief People Officer, Coursera

11:30 am
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CASE STUDY: Developing a skills-focused workforce to build resilience

Many organisations are continuously navigating disruption in their business operations, with reskilling and upskilling the workforce as an essential part of their growth and rebuild. In this case study, hear how The Star Entertainment Group is leveraging training to transform their workforce to pivot business into new areas.

  • Identifying emerging ‘soft skills’ and technical skills: empathy, remote workforce leadership and more 
  • Leadership development for a future workforce 
  • Examples of successful reskilling and upskilling initiatives  
Janette Illingsworth

Group Manager Talent & Organisational Capability, The Star Entertainment Group

12:05 pm
12:45 pm

PANEL: Using a data-driven approach to learning strategies

Now more than ever before, data can present useful insight into user behaviour and productivity. How can we use data to determine learning strategies to meet changing business demands? 

  • Identifying KPIs to effectively monitor progress 
  • Applying data to measure learning impact and ROI assessment 
  • Using analytics to determine diverse learning styles and preferences 
  • How to develop data literacy within learning and development teams 
  • Using cross-functional data to support the overall business strategy 


Evelyn Moolenburgh

Managing Director, Learning Ventures


Lorraine Salloum

People, Performance & Culture Executive (Chief People Officer), Achieve Australia

Sarah Moore

Head of Learning & Development, Lendi

Brendan Smith

Head of Learning and Capability Development, Built

Rita Slogrove

Learning and Organisational Development Manager, Fletcher Building

1:35 pm

How to build a proactive learning culture

Capability building is essential for organisations to continuously adapt and succeed in challenging business environments. As companies invest in growing and preparing their workforce to meet future business needs, what are the opportunities to improve learning across all levels of the organisation? What steps can organisations take to ensure their learning culture is truly embedded within the business? 

  • Improving the communication and promotion of learning initiatives to align with organisational objectives 
  • How to create an engaging and positive learning experience for remote learners  
  • Examples of enhancing the learning culture at an organisational, team, and individual-level  
Jennifer Whitaker

Head – Leadership and Performance Solutions APAC, Citi

2:10 pm

WORKSHOP: Delivering an engaging learning experience to a hybrid workforce

As skills, jobs, and entire industries are quickly evolving to keep up with the digital transformation, learning leaders play a critical role in setting up their organisations for success. Enterprise L&D is expected to not only close skills gaps but also ensure that employees have the tools and resiliency to adapt to similar rapid, and massive change in a hybrid environment. In this session, Sripathi will talk about how L&D leaders can implement an engaging learning experience to a hybrid workforce with the help of a Digital Adoption Platform.

Sripathi Chakkravarthi

Regional Director - APAC, Whatfix

2:45 pm

Moving beyond leadership development programs to leadership strategy

From managing virtual teams to building resilience, the characteristics and capabilities of a successful leader today is evolving, and it’s important for an organisation’s leadership strategy to reflect the direction of the business. In this session, Lorraine will discuss how you can develop a high-impact leadership strategy.  

  • Aligning leadership development with business goals 
  • Moving beyond an individual development focus to a collective leadership capability development and performance improvement 
  • Supplementing leadership development with organisational redesign, performance and ways of working shifts and an articulated leadership narrative 

Lorraine Salloum

People, Performance & Culture Executive (Chief People Officer), Achieve Australia

3:20 pm

PANEL: Learning in 2022 and beyond

As we anticipate a future workforce that is increasingly skills-based, how can learning and development leaders prepare and equip teams to meet changing business demands accelerated by crises?  In this session, hear how learning and development leaders are preparing for future challenges and trends in learning. 

  • How have hybrid work arrangements reshaped how we approach learning?  
  • Delivering timely and measurable L&D initiatives that align to the organisation’s goal  
  • Succession planning for a diverse workforce 
  • Preparing for the next generation of the workforce and the gig economy 
  • Creating a culture of lifelong learning beyond the classroom 


Evelyn Moolenburgh

Managing Director, Learning Ventures


Carolyn Viso

Head of Learning & Development, Phocas

Mathew Paine

Executive Director, Talent and Culture, NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

Tamsin Bate

Head of Learning & Development – BFS, Macquarie Group

Hayley Curcio

Head of Learning, Leadership & Wellbeing, 99designs

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